Charging and range

– Public chargers can be used for free all over Hungary and they do not need any previous training or service personnel. Once the proper charger plug is connected, the menu on the charger bar is easy to use and you can start charging your car. You can check the status on the bar, or on your car.
– The navigation system in our cars help you find a public charger, however, it is also worth checking webpages (e.g.:,, ) or using a mobile app (e.g.: Smart Charging).
– You need the eCharge mobile app to use the ELMŰ charging stations. Our cars are registered and we provide renting parties the access codes.
– The cars can easily be charged with factory chargers from any socket, as well as, the rapid and quick chargers in the street. Our cars are charged with a rapid charger (CHAdeMO) in 20-30 minutes, at an average quick charger in the street (ELMŰ) (Type 2) it take 1-1.5 hours. A full-charge at home requires approximately 10-12 hours.
– The range of the cars greatly depends on the way of use and the weather (heating-cooling).
In case of a Kia Soul the average range is 150-170 km,
In case of a Nissan Leaf the average range is 180-200 km

Parking with a green number-plate

– Electric cars have a green number-plate. This enables free parking in Budapest and certain towns in the public parking spaces. Free parking is not possible in private parking places, underground car parks and car parks. The number-plate does not entitle you park at places where it is prohibited to wait, or to stop. Similarly you need additional authorisation to occupy a parking spot at places reserved for impaired people. You can park for free at charging stations for the duration of charging. Once the car is fully charged, you must leave immediately.


– You can park free-of-charge in the following towns, apart from Budapest, with a green number-plate:

Motorway ticket

– Our cars have a valid annual ticket for Pest county. Outside the validity area of the Pest county ticket, the renting party must provide for the proper motorway ticket.

Bus lane

– It is important that the bus lane MUST NOT BE USED with cars having a green number-plate.